Ci Gusta! Florida road

Ci Gusta is a fairly new franchise which set up its first store in Florida road. They are an international brand that currently serves Italian gelato, frozen yogurt and Belgian waffles. There international counterparts also serve Italian desserts and specialty coffees, however the Florida road store doesn’t have that yet.



the gelato, frozen yogurt machines and various sauce toppings

It is set up like an ice cream bar, with typical Florida road setting of road side tables and large windows. Modern and bright with a friendly vibe.


The gelato is exceptionally good, there isn’t a flavour I haven’t liked, and they seem to have just the right balance. There is also a wide array of flavours including signature flavours like Lemon Grisbi which is a take on lemon meringue pie. We seem to have an influx of competing frozen yogurt brands, each with a slightly different take on it. Ci Gusta’s frozen yogurt is creamy and subtly flavoured, with Italian style flavours which set them apart like mascarpone.


Gelato is served per scoop at R15 a scoop, going up to R30 for 3 scoops. You can add R3 to that if you want a sugar cone. Their gelato is also available in tub sizes which go up to a litre at R85. Frozen yogurt is charged according to weight. The Belgian waffles come in two options, standard or double at R25 and R respectively.


Recommended: everything is good. The salted caramel froyo is a must try! And the waffles are better than most

Location: shop Florida road next to Piatto

Certified Halaal by: Halaalitalia (TBA)

Owners: Ci Gusta direct branch


Ambience:        7/10

Food:               8/10

Service:            7/10

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